“I feel so good. So good, in fact, that I lost my voice I was laughing SO hard. It was that good that I laughed my voice away!!”

- Emily Jordan

“Loved the show!!! Two Thumbs up!!!”

- Paula Page

“The MaD JaCKRaTS are fantastic, amazing and hilarious!!”                                                                                                                     

- Nicole Tompkins - (before she guest starred in the show)

“Amazing, amazing! It made me want to participate.”                                           

 - Ricardo Zarate (and now he does!! Ricardo is a core member of the MaD JaCKRaTS)

“Fantastic and uplifting and you laugh!! It's creative! I definitely would recommend it to everybody.”

- Lexi DiBenedetto

“I love the whole thing [and] I love the church ladies!”                                                                                                                                - Emani Sullivan

“I think it was the best show I've ever seen! I'm seeing my friend Michael Franklin shine.”

- Lock Lyon

“Awesome again. I will see it every time I possibly can. I've seen it four times and I keep coming back because it's hilarious. It is a great way to spend Sunday night, any Sunday night.”

- Frank Gangarosa

“I laughed until I cried!

- Jenny Curtis (before she was an honorary guest star and a full core member)

“Excitement everywhere! I won a ticket so I'm coming back next month, so excited! It was amazing.”

- Chynna Skye

“It was my third time at the show. I keep coming back because it's just... really funny. The chemistry is just unbelievable. It's as if they're inside each other's heads. You've got to come. It’s surreal. I laughed so hard that I feel like I can definitely fit into a size 4 dress.”                                                                                                                                 

- Chantelle Tibbs  (before she guest starred in the show)

“It was splendid. Amazing show! You’ve got to go check it out. To experience it in class and then actually see it in here, it's a totally different thing. I actually want to be like these guys.”

- Aaron Fresh

What The MaD JaCKRaTS say about how their experience at LPN Studios has drawn them

to form and commit to this monthly show

}“LPNSImprov has taught me to think on my feet. That voice in my head that used to say, “no” is gone!”  -Christina Orloff

“Being in LPNSImprov has taught me to use what I was borne with and develop that. Sometimes your natural quirkiness

can become your niche.”

-Jeremy Howard

“The LPNSImprov made me confident that I can be sharp, witty, and funny! And my commercial booking rate has skyrocketed since I started!  It's simply addicting. LPN Improv: My anti-drug.” 

-Micky Shiloah

“LPNSImprov has given me the freedom to experiment. Any character I can think of, I now have the tools to make it happen!”

-Kuali’i Wittman

"LPN’s teaching methods are truly one of a kind. There’s no limit to what you can learn from her, and, of course her signature improv format"

-Susana Woo

“LPNS form of Improv has given me freedom to create and live in any situation without second guessing myself. I love being able to walk into an audition and not have to worry about the lines or playing a character.... I can just BE the character.”

-Michael Franklin

“I always believed improv was something I'd never be able to grapple. After studying with Lauren, I became confident, quick thinking, and some might even say funny.  Her improv technique has helped me in countless auditions and has been a great source for some pretty crazy situations and characters.” 

-Chadwick Armstrong

“Lauren's improv has been a master class on making strong character choices that are well-defined and well-executed. Reluctant to play outside of my persona in the past, I've evolved through this improv to understand the value of genuine point of view and how for both comedy and acting it is central to the work.”

- Reza Breakstone

"LPNSImprov really pushes you to justify your choices! You'll make mistakes, but in this super long-form improv style, you're always pushed to get back in the story and make it right!"

- Matthew Helfer


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since 2014


"I had a great time at the show, honestly I was a tad worried for it being a FIRST time, how would it go? But from the time the lights went out and music started and then with the burst of energy from the cast entering the stage, the room was instantly electrified and infected with smiles. This was a group of very well trained and SMART kids, who made me laugh. I was impressed by their individual skill sets and the myriad of characters that came to life that night. It was a great time, great show, I WILL be back!"                                                                                               

- Danielle Lenniger, Luber Roklin Entertainment

“I’ve got to say, it was a great cast. They all did a wonderful job. Incredibly creative performances!!”

- Tim Martin, 360 Management

“The show was amazingly hilarious! We loved the experience and look forward to  attending the following shows! Great job Lauren! Your efforts always pay off ;-)    

- Betzy Chavez, Carmen Hall Entertainment   


"I've attended 7 shows now and have had a fantastic experience each and every time! This is such an amazingly talented group of people! I highly recommend this show for anyone that wants to experience great long form improv, hysterical characters and just a side-splitting good time!"                                                          

- Jerry Buteyn - CD & Photographer

“What a GREAT show last night!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I will definitely be spreading the word and will be back again in 2015.  The talent you have there is phenomenal.  Thanks so much for the fun evening!”                                                                            

 - Lisa Boore Lambert, Bruised Reed Productions, LLC 

“I enjoyed it a lot! It was fantastic. It's one of the best shows I've seen in my entire life, and I've seen a lot of shows. And I keep coming back because it's just that's good. Every time it's better than the time before. My mind is always totally blown, I need a cleaning crew in there because my mind is all over the place. I would compare it to an orgy, because everyone is just having a good time and it gets messy sometimes.”                                                                                                    

- Steven Mangurten - Cinematographer/Actor


“Oh my lord, we all loved it!!! Sunbrella, Taylor Swift, the shiny llama/alpaca, ALL OF IT!!So happy we finally made it and will most definitely be looking forward to another show!”                                                                                        

- Lisa Harrington 

"I don't know how it's possible but every show is just as funny as, if not funnier than, the last show. Come for the amazing humor of the performers, stay for the camaraderie of everyone involved, including first time audience members to people there every show.  On a scale of 1 to 50, I rate it 150. The addition of Kyle is perfect! The MaD JaCKRaTS are all top-notch.”  

- Erik van Wagenen

“Loved this show. Thanks Lauren Patrice Nadler for putting this together. Couldn't help it...loved these characters. It’s been a long time since I cried laughing...and I totally did”

- John Tolle-Barlow

“It was hilarious. All three improv sessions were too funny. I kept thinking it can't get better but it did. Everyone is so talented and twisted in this cast and I appreciated how committed they each were.  I LOVED IT! Hands down the best improv I have seen in LA.”

- Heather Aiken

Click on any of the images below for live testimonial video from excited audience members.


The MaD JaCKRaTS are surely mad, and there isn't jack you won't laugh at!!! Lauren has truly created a show unlike any other!”

- Aramis  Knight - Into The Badlands (AMC)

“I love, love, LOVE the MaD JaCKRaTS! They create a special world, invite us in and you never want to leave!

- Christy Hemme, Pro-Wrestler

”The LPN show was amazing. Everybody was so great. I’ve been to just about every single one and everyone has been amazing. On a scale of 1 to 5,000 , it was 6 million.”                                                                                                      - Jacob Artist, GLEE, Quantico

“An unparalleled live experience that both captivates and stretches your imagination. The raw instinct in each actor will amaze every soul watching. Bring tissues, you will be crying from laughing your ass off.”                                          

- Alex Neustaedter ITHICA, COLONY (TNT)

"OMGSOAMAZINGILAUGHEDSOMUCHIPEED.... Like any oter funny thing you've ever seen... but way funnier. The MaD JaCKRaTs have reinvented the meaning of genius. "

- Kyle Allen (before becoming a core member and on The Path on Hulu)


{}{}“Don't miss this show! Wasn't sure what to expect -- and was blown away!  Laughed the entire show -- clever, zany, fearless, fun! Put The MaD JaCKRaTS on your calendar...end your week laughing. Every show is totally unique Loved them so much we brought a producer friend last time -- I think he laughed even more than we did!”

- Teri Neustaedter

“The MaD JaCKRaTS are just as unique as their name! I have never been to an improv show quite like this one and probably never will again. The level of improvisational skills, commitment to character and spontaneity leave you speechless. This troop does not fail to deliver and will make you laugh your ass off!   Mark my words, LPNSImprov WILL be one of the leading names in Hollywood's comedy industry. This show was like being in improv heaven"  

- Schell Peterson (before she guest starred in the show)

"Makin' a movie" was a surreal experience. Being part of Lauren's class I already know the type of actors I have the privilege to associate with. It goes without saying, the result of the show is a combination of amazing talent of the cast and Lauren's unique ability to tap into her students and cultivate them. Love you Lauren!"

- April Garcia

“Wow, what an amazing show! I loved everything about it! The MaD JaCKRaTS put on a great performance especially for it being their first performance! I would say it was just about flawless! They executed every scene with such detail and commitment that you would have thought it was a written show! They worked extremely well with each other and with the suggestions that the audience gave! I couldn't stop laughing through the entire show! The MaD JaCKRaTS are and improv group to definitely watch out for! I cant wait to see what they will do next!”          

- Heather Winter

*What People are saying about the shows:*

Fan reviews after the 5 year anniversary show

Lee Whittaker (director)

 A much needed laugh

With the political and world climate of today, it was absolutely refreshing to go and see this performance! I honestly don't remember the last time I truly laughed out loud. I thank all that was involved in creating and executing this. Lauren and her team are some of the top talent!

Looking forward to more laughs!

Isabelle Gamez

The best improv show!!!

I laughed all the way from the beginning to the end! It was amazing, I couldn’t believe there was no script. These actors are truly professionals and they were able to create hilarious stories out of the suggestions from the public. I will definitely be coming back every month!


 Amazing Show

This show made me want to dedicate my life to learn what they do on that stage. They instantly create a story taking endowments from each other and have the resiliency to “flashback” to a moment of time. Insane! I always laugh. And I’ve been to 13-15 shows! Always great seeing the talented cast just having fun as well. Go see it!

Ryan Levy

Truly inspiring

This is hands down one of the most rewarding, uplifting and inspiring experiences you will get watching creativity birth true whimsical madness! These aren’t just stars of tomorrow, they’re stars of today!

Danielle Lenniger (Talent Manager)

Feel Good Sunday!

I have been to the show over a dozen times in the last five years and I am never disappointed. I tend to be skeptical about 'improv' however this is a crew of sensational comedians/actors and their work is like any other I have ever seen. Their bodacious leader Lauren Nadler has prepared them well. Her meticulous casting of only the best to perform is spot on. Their 'makin a movie' format allows you time to become invoked by characters and story and laugh until you pee your pants! My only warning is to prepare for sore cheeks the next day, so many smiles! This group is fearless and hysterical and it is definitely great way to wind up the weekend with a great laugh.


mad jack rats!!!

Whenever I’m unable to go to one of the shows, I can’t even begin to imagine what I missed because the shows are always new, exciting, fresh, and freaking hilarious. I never know what to expect and I’m never disappointed to find out where the performers will take it! Best improv show I’ve attended in LA, easily!

Heather Aitken

 Love this improv group!!!

I used to do improv/acting and being in the business you go see other friends in their shows and honestly many of them are boring. Lauren's show was in the valley and if you know people in LA we hate to drive. HOWEVER I can say that everytime I decided to take the drive I was so happy I did. This group and show is special. I love the characters they create. Its always different and the chemistry between this team is off the charts funny. Take a chance and make the drive. I promise you will be happy you did. 

PS- every friend I ever brought with me felt the same way. Go see this improv group.