What is the LPNSImprov Show all about??

It is a unique comedy experience that incorporates  the "Makin’ a Movie" LPN Studios Improvisation Format ... and a brief prepared opening act.

What is the Makin’ a Movie format??

It is a spontaneous full blown performance with wardrobe and props from an actual treasure chest, yet it's 100% on the fly.

The cast are literally writing, directing, costume designing, set designing, editing.......

oh AND acting 3 live short movies per show!

* LPNSImprov members create ambiance and environment

* Players present fleshed out, truthful performances

* High comedy with seriously grounded characters

* The performers are “writing” a script, live right before your eyes

* It is so smart it will seem scripted …. but IT'S NOT!!!

* Without blatant exposition, we take you into our movie

There are at least 100 characters at the fingertips of this cast

You will meet at least 20 in every show!

Some of these characters could carry a lead in a movie franchise.

Some have in fact made it to network television.

This show offers an opportunity for you to travel anywhere in the world

(or even out of this world), with this kooky, skilled and gifted cast

...you decide where!

The History of the Makin’ a Movie Method:

April 2018 - The MaD LoVE FoR THe EaRTH Show

Special Returning Musical Guest


See bio below

March 2018 - The SHaKe YouR SHaMRoCK Show


See bio below

February 2018 - The MaD RaTSKY Awards Show

BaBY JaCKRaTS return



See bios below

November 2017 - The THaNKFuLLY MaD 2017 Finale

ANDREW GABRIEL - for the first time on the main-stage


Originally from Charlotte, NC Andrew competed in baseball for most of his life and took up acting during his high school years. While juggling both activities full-time, the opportunity arose to move to Los Angeles to focus on acting. Since arriving to California in 2016, he has been studying Lauren Patrice Nadler’s quick, unparalleled improv and unique scene study techniques to improve his craft and range. He is extremely grateful for her coaching and the opportunity to work with such talented actors and friends. Andrew has worked on several indie films and other projects throughout the year, including performing with the BaBY JaCKRaTS in September and a national commercial TBA soon. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, playing sports, and hiking all over the west coast. Agent:


Manager: Marco@immortalartists.com

October  2017 - The MaD KooKY SPooKY  HaLLoWeeN Show


Jenny Westra is Jersey born, Denver raised. There is never a dull moment in her life and her track record shows just that. Jenny is a professional Emcee, having hosted over 100 events; she is a professional wrestler with Women of Wrestling; she is a singer and rapper, having placed in many state competitions in her earlier years and performing original rap songs that air on television; she graduated from the University of Colorado with a BSBA in Marketing with three years of being the Director of Operations at a Denver-based entertainment company under her belt. Jenny is now L.A. based to be able to pursue her passion for performing and acting. Her accomplishments in her first year are her lead role in the short film, “Sleeper” and her lead role in a TV Series pilot, “Forever Young.”


September 2017 - The SePTeMBeR to ReMeMBeR Show

Introducing additional BaBY JaCKRaTS

SURAJ PARTHA is an actor, singer, and musician located in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Memphis, TN, Suraj was exposed to the arts at an early age, from the blues to local theater. After singing "America The Beautiful" at the 2009 US Open Tennis Tournament and appearing as "Tevye" in a children's theater production of "Fiddler on the Roof", Suraj moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an entertainer. He has appeared in "Ender's Game" starring Harrison Ford and Viola Davis, ABC's "Modern Family", and Aziz Ansari's "Master of None". He began studying acting with Lauren Patrice Nadler four years ago, and has never looked back. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies. In his free time, he likes playing tennis and talking politics with his friends. 

Agent: Tim Weissman at Buchwald, tweissman@buchwald.com

Manager: Will Douglas at Grandview, will@grandviewla.com

ANDERS RAVENSTAD keeps sleeping on his arm in a way that makes it hurt for the rest of the day. He has no real idea what he is like as a person due to mixed feedback, but focus group based research has determined that he could be worse. Only months ago Anders was attending UC Santa Cruz pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Psychology, but after some gettin kicked in the ass by his friend Kyle decided to give his passion a go. Acting has always been the love of his life. He spent over a decade in the theatre throughout his teen years, his favorite roles being the Emcee in Cabaret, Lord Farquaad in Shrek the Musical, and Hanschen in Spring Awakening. He’s also been a member of UC Santa Cruz’s Humor Force Five, as well as being a writer on the Michael Becker Experience. Switching to the screen when he moved to the city in January, Anders has participated in a number of short films and is now playing Hunter in the ongoing webseries “The Wonderful World of Hunter Wood.” Now loose on the city, Anders aims to create without mercy. Andersravenstad@gmail.com


Was born in Bridgeport CT, only to find his passion for acting in Atlanta GA some odd years later. A six year conservatory member of The Atlanta Company Acting studio, Michaels craft is based in Adler Technique.  But upon his arrival to the West Coast immediately gravitated to LPN’s  fast paced, out of this world improv & rigorous scene study.

“The Imagination is what animates the instrument, keeps it in tune. Its the ignition key. Without it, nothing else works.” - Stella Adler. 

Aside from acting Michael spends most of his time out doors, finding value in surrounding himself with “eternal object”. “the mountain was there long before I was born and it will be there long after I die.”

Michael will begin shooting his first series regular role this Oct. Insatiable, you can also catch him in the upcoming Netflix Original Movie #RealityHigh as well as Saving Zoe.  

Mgmt: Bradelystokes@hotmail.com Agent:Coast2Coast Afinerep@aol.com

August 2017 - The August Aloha Show

Born in Vineland New Jersey, actress Chantelle Tibbs moved west to Los Angeles, California when she was seventeen. She is known for her roles in such films as "Accepted" and "My Name is Khan." Recently she worked on an improv sketch show produced by Hartland Productions and is scheduled to shoot two films to be announced in August. Chantelle makes daring, wild and unpredictable choices in her acting. She is mesmerizing and simply unforgettable. chantelletibbs@gmail.com


July 2017 - The MaD Three Year Anniversary Show

Introducing The BaBY JaCKRaTS joined by the last 2 main-stage guests Rachel Thundat and Bryana Salaz

Ricardo was most recently seen as a lead actor in the film, LowLife as Monstruo which will be in U.S. theaters April 6, 2018. Ricardo is also currently on NetFlix Tv series On My Block, and will be airing on FX networks come this 2018 as well! Ricardo does not stop his work once cut is yelled however. He is a celebrity trainer/fitness model and actor by day and a writer and creator by night.

Lauren Patrice Nadler Acting Studio has given Ricardo the space and structure to grow and develop into the actor he is today. Ricardo aspires, works hard and is committed to achieve perfection. Ricardo Adam Zarate is a determined and talented Latino that hopes to inspire and motivate others to follow his example and lead.

Jackson Entertainment (213) 479-3400

Cheryl Jackson



May 2018 - The MaD MaY CaBaReT Show




Originally from North Carolina, Andrew moved to Los Angeles this past year for acting and has been studying at LPN Studios. Andrew has already had the opportunity to work on a few projects in the short time he has been in LA. He enjoys writing and sports as well as spending time outdoors. He looks forward to performing with some of his closest friends on the west coast

Milton@aeftalent.com gabby16@carolina.rr.com

EDWARD A. LLERENA was born and raised in Southern California. He discovered his passion for the arts during his high school career. He extended his interest to acting and instantly found his passion. And from then on he knew what he wanted to pursue. Edward has made appearances in short films like “Deliver case”—Coffee Sip Productions—and has then gone on to establish his professional career as an actor. ezll@live.com

RUDY PANKOW of Ketchikan Alaska, finds himself quite lucky to have found LPN studios. Coming from a town of 13,000, LA was a bit of a new level. Growing up Rudy was always acquainted with acting or entertaining at that matter. If it was theater for city programs, stand up for his school, or simply juggling the soccer ball on the street for dollars Rudy always loved to entertain. Rudy was originally going to go to school in Rhode Island for who knows what, so when the opportunity of acting in LA and doing film plopped into his lapped Rudy said “yeup” and crumpled up his original plan and moved to Los Angeles California. Rudy has buckled down and has knocked out a group of Indie Films. Thanks to LPN studios he has found a great place to learn and work on his passion with some amazing people and amazing coach.  Rudyerd.pankow@gmail.com

ALEX ALSINA was born and raised in Miami, FL. He's a Cuban-American   actor, dancer, and singer. Fluent in both English and Spanish. He traded in his baseball glove for scripts at the age of 21, and at 22 got his first major role on the Telenovela "Relaciones Peligrosas" for Telemundo. He has Guest Starred on the hit Latin show "Grachi" on Nickelodeon Latino and Guest Starred on "Burn Notice”. Making his move out to LA in 2015,  he has been quite successful appearing on Lifetimes hit show "My Crazy Ex" multiple times, and booking several commercials among them a Bilingual spot for "Simple Mobile" and a 5-Hour Energy drink national commercial alongside All-Star baseball player, José Altuve. He said this wouldn't be possible if not for the support of his family, friends, and his faith. Beal Talent & Associates (818) 775-0018 alexalsina25@gmail.com

June 2017 - The MaD Summer Soiree Show    


Fidelia Grace moved from Buffalo NY to Los Angeles CA, where she is now pursing her acting, dancing, and singing career. Fidelia is known for her performance in the feature film "Dreams I Never Had" starring Malcolm McDowell and Robin Givens, where she plays the lead role of Layla who is held captive in the home a wealthy family.  Fidelia also worked on the short film "Divination" directed by Olga Oparina, playing the role of innocent Elsa, who's attempt to look into her future turns out to be her worst nightmare. The short film has recently been accepted into the Scare-O-Con Film Festival held in New York City which will be featured the end of October 2016. Fidelia is always working on her craft and building a solid foundation at Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios where she studies improv and scene study. Through her social media accounts on Youtube (@ Fidelia Grace) and Instagram (@fideliagracer) she helps encourage individuals to live a healthy lifestyle and is becoming an advocate for the vegan community. Fidelia strives to inspire others -whether in the industry or not- to have courage to stand up for their beliefs, desires, and aspirations. To see what other projects Fidelia is working on please visit her IMDB page:

imdb.me/fideliagrace. www.fideliagrace.com

May 2017 - The MaD May Cabaret Show    


Originally from Knoxville, TN, Rachel grew up in the theater, appearing in plays such as The King and I, Aladdin, Sweeney Todd, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. After moving to Los Angeles, she got involved in film and television. She recently completed the short film "Wonders of Love", as well as appearing in an episode of Lifetime's My Crazy Ex and Curacao commercial. Rachel Thundat has been training with Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios since 2015. In her free time Rachel enjoys traveling, hiking, reading and hanging out with friends from LPN Studios Rachel graduated from the University of Southern California in 2016 with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in natural sciences. 

Management: Katrina Herlong, puretalent.katrina@gmail.com 

Commercial: Clear Talent Group allison@cleartalentgroup.com JessicaG@cleartalentgroup.com

April 2017 - The Egg-ceptional MaD Easter Show    


Bryana Salaz is a 19 year old singer, actress, and dancer born in Orlando, Fl. Growing up as an Army brat, she's moved throughout her entire life. She discovered her love for the arts at 12 & began pursuing her career when she moved to Ga, where she landed her first role as a guest star on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. After having done several national commercials, Bryana went on to do Season 7 of NBCs The Voice, where she made it to be in Gwen Stefani’s top 5. She then graduated high school and went on a national tour. After tour she booked and filmed a pilot for Fox, Urban Cowboy. She then went on to book & film Season 2 of Disney’s Best Friends Whenever. Finally, she just wrapped her first feature film "Kook", set to premiere in 2018. Bryana is currently working on new projects on both the acting and music side that will be announced in the future.  REP: www.osbrinkagency.com phone: 818-760-2488

Nathan was born on the ice, raised in the sun & now currently living in paradise (California). In the short time that Nathan has lived in L.A., he feels blessed to have found success in music, modeling, TV, film, voiceover, and commercials. Music is his primary passion and he is currently 1/3 of an up and coming rock band named, Harletson (look them up on socials & YouTube). Nathan is truly loving life in L.A. and is so grateful for all of the love and support that he has received from family & friends.

Harletson is currently touring the country with

July 2016 -  The Second Anniversary Show 

Special Musical Guest  NATHAN HARRINGTON

July 2018 - The MaD FouR YeaR aNNiVeRSaRY Show



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since 2014

June 2018 the BaBY JaCKRaTS Return

                          see bios below

Michael Provost                Rachel Thundat                Edward Llerena                Rudy Pankow                     Fidelia Grace                     Andrew Gabriel                                

August 2018 - The AuGuST ALoHa


see bios below

September 2018 - The SePTeMBeR to ReMeMBeR Show


see bios below

October 2018 - The MaD CaNDY CoRNY Show

MICHAEL PROVOST                          ANDREW GABRIEL

see bios below                                  **NOW A CORE MEMBER  

November 2018 - The MaD FeaST on the FuNNY Show


see bios below

February  2019 - The MaD MoRE The MeRRieR  Show

Introducing: The MiNi BaBY JaCKRaTS

January  2019 - The MaD FaBulouS 50th Show


see bios below

March 2019 - The MaD SHaKe YouR SHaMRoCK Show


see bio below





May 2019 - The MaD MaY CaBaReT Show


see bios below

June 2019 - The MaD BaD DaD JoKeS Show


is an American television and film actor originally from Watertown, New York and raised in Bolivia, NC. He began his career as an infant model, working on dozens of local and national commercial print projects. From an artistic family, he showed a passion for music and acting from an early age, singing before he learned to talk. He gravitated to the stage, where he landed lead roles in "A Christmas Carol" and  "Beauty and the Beast," and began garnering attention wherever he performed. Wyatt made his first film debut in 2016 as the young adventurer Loren in "The Rack Pack and in 2017 and then later as Thomas in the  motorcycle gang film "Nations Fire."  He secured representation on Los Angeles and began splitting his time between both coasts. In his spare time, Wyatt enjoys gaming and is a professional e-sports player with "Team Suicide," a team he founded that has competed in 11 tournaments and won 3 Championships.His hobbies also include listening to music such as tunes by his favorite artist, Brendan Urie, and his "Nana" is his number one in his life. Wyatt's recent bookings include Shameless, PEN15, Sydney to the Max, and Nations Fire.

Wyatt is repped by Danita Florance at Littman Talent  Littmantalent.com

and Jackson Entertainment   Cheryl@jacksonenterainment.net  Jacksonentertaiment.net


see bio below


is a 17 year old actor, writer, and model currently residing in

Los Angeles, California. Matthew grew up in the small town of Huntersville, North Carolina where he followed his passions of performing and participating on elite sports teams. Matthew relocated to LA in 2016 to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He has appeared in multiple TV Programs,Commercials, Short Films, and Independent Films such as his lead role of Geordie in the Indie Max and Me.

Matthew is represented by AEFH Talent, Luber/Roklin Management, and MMG Model Talent Management. To learn more visit http://whitematthew.com


is extremely proud to be a MiNi-BaBY JaCKRaT. Olivia was born

and raised in beautiful Southern California, and discovered her passion for acting at the young age of six years old. As a young child she appeared in multiple children musical theater productions, and then moved on to studying the craft of acting. Olivia recently appeared in two theater productions, "Blackbird" at the Met Theater, and "Expectations High", part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. In the last year she had two lead roles in short films, one for the University of Southern California Film Schools "Maggie Smith Is Gone", and the other for American Film Institutes "Fishnet". Olivia is so thankful and inspired by the amazing teachings she gets from LPN Studios, and the talented Adult Mad Jackrats.

anna@arctalent.com   Manager Anna Lewkowska

jolson@bellaagency.com Agent Jessica Olson

Olivia Shatsky oliviaisabel3@gmail.com


has been acting since he was seven years old. He is blessed to be represented by AKA Talent Youth and the incredible Danielle Lenniger 

of Luber Roklin Entertainment.  It is a true honor to be apart of the Mini-Baby Jackrats under the leadership of the greatest improv teacher in the world Lauren Patrice Nadler, Jonathan is a PROUD SAG/AFTRA who can also be seen in the Internationally known Burbank High School Show Choir- IN SYNC under the direction of Brett Carroll and Randy Sage. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys volunteering at various homeless shelters, playing volleyball, hanging with his friends. singing, dancing and doing Improv.

Manager Danielle Lenniger  dlenniger@luberroklin.com

AKA Talent Agency  

Commercial & VO Kristin@akatalent.com

Theatrical JESSICA@akatalent.com


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Josh started acting at six years old and booked his first job at eight; playing a young Seth Rogen in “The Green Hornet.” After working alongside Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” Josh found a new love for comedy and improv. Making people laugh immediately became priority one even though he was a series regular in the NBC drama, “Crisis”. Josh loves comic books and anything nerdy.

Find Josh on IMDB Josh is Represented by The Green Room



was born in 2003 in Houston, TX

and moved to Los Angeles at the

age of 6. She became fascinated

with singing and performing through watching her father perform with live bands.  Her first role she landed was a McDonald's commercial and was bitten by the acting bug. Since then, Genesis has appeared in many more commercials including commercials and promos for the Disney Channel and the WB Network. She's also lent

her voice to Fox when working on the major animated film 'The Book of Life' portraying young Maria.  Genesis has voiced many television commercials and promotions as well as for other major films.  

Her latest project is in theater taking on the lead role as Anne Frank in the reimagined adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank directed by Stan Zimmerman.

In her free time, Genesis plays many instruments including the piano and guitar. She's gone on to compose and record her own music.  This year she won first place at Burbank's Singing Star competition.  Genesis is also a member of John Burroughs' advanced women's show choir 'Sound Sensations'.

the Osbrink Agency tiffany@osbrinkagency.com

Manager: Susan Curtis curtistalent@usa.net

**NOW A CORE MEMBER                                                                                                      **NOW A CORE MEMBER  

                                                                                          CHELSEA SMITH

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Chelsea found her passion for acting with the theater group, Upstate Broadway. Chelsea, along with her mom and grandmother, travelled across country to California in pursuit of her dream. When she is not in class working on improving her craft, you can find her in the kitchen cooking and baking for her family and friends.  She also loves nature photography. Chelsea recently booked a lead role in two short films and an exciting role in a feature film. She feels so grateful for the opportunity to perform on the  stage with the MiNi-BaBy JaCKRaTS.

                      Chelsea is repped by Katrina at Pure Talent Management

talent.katrina@gmail.com  818-358-3830   and  Lynda.Arnold@sevenstarstalent.com  323-794-1822  


grew up in the beautiful green city of Thousand Oaks, wanting to pursue acting for as long as he could remember. Being the loud and weird guy he is, he flourished in his high school theater group, getting lead roles in all the performances he auditioned for. After that chapter of his life closed a new one began, joining Lauren Patrice Nadler’s improv troupe. Outside of his stage life Gabe likes to eat food, hang with friends and watch game of thrones


CESD Talent Agency


The MiNi-BaBY JaCKRaTS  Return   &  Guest Star

                    see bios on ADDITIONAL TROUPE page

Meet the Additonal MiNi-BaBY JaCKRaTS





LPNSImprov has been developed and cultivated over the years into what you will be seeing in this live series, running now for 5 years.  It started as an opening exercise in Lauren Patrice Nadler’s scene study class, born out of a desire to incorporate all the necessary tools an actor needs in order to go out into the world of acting with fleshed out, fully embodied, head to toe, walking and talking, multitasking performances, in any genre.

It can only be explained by witnessing it.

Truly a method, when brought to its highest level can expand any actor seeking growth, in ways that are limitless.  Rooted in truth, actors are encouraged to commit and push the envelope making the unbelievable believable, and have a whole a lot of fun doing it.

On the streets, out in the real world, they might get arrested for some bad behavior ....

here we reward it!!!

LPN Studios is where you find diverse talent at its best. The Makin’ a Movie format is taught solely at

LPN Studios by Lauren Patrice Nadler,

and now one of the shows stars, Micky Shiloah, co-teaches this technique to our teens.

Catering to the dynamic, creative and daring actor, who aspires to be great!

LPN’s methods are aggressive and thought provoking.

For more information about LPN Studios click HERE

For More Projects that Lauren has Directed and/or produced Click HERE


July 2019 - The MaD FiVe YeaR ANNiVeRSaRY Show


August  2019 - The MaD AuGuST ALoHa  Show


See Bios below

September 2019

The MaD SWeeT SePTeMBeR  Show


See Bio above


MICHAEL PROVOST moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2016. He enjoys short walks on the beach, bagel sandwiches and books by Tom Robins. Finding a home in LPN studios, Michael has studied with Lauren since arriving in LA. He is currently working as a series regular for the Netflix series Insatiable as well as appearing in Showtines Shameless, CBS’s All rise and Netflix’s Lucifer. If Michael had one wish, it would be that other people could start wishing for more wishes.

Brad Stokes - Link Entertainment  brad@link-ent.com 

FIDELIA GRACE moved from Buffalo NY to Los Angeles CA, where she is now pursing her acting, dancing, and singing career. Fidelia is known for her performance in the feature film "Dreams I Never Had" starring Malcolm McDowell and Robin Givens, where she plays the lead role of Layla who is held captive in the home a wealthy family. . Fidelia is always working on her craft and building a solid foundation at Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios where she studies improv and scene study. Through her social media accounts on Youtube (@ Fidelia Grace) and Instagram (@fideliagracer) she helps encourage individuals to live a healthy lifestyle and is becoming an advocate for the vegan community. Fidelia strives to inspire others -whether in the industry or not- to have courage to stand up for their beliefs, desires, and aspirations. To see what other projects Fidelia is working on please visit her IMDB page:

imdb.me/fideliagrace. www.fideliagrace.com

EDWARD LLERENA was born and raised in Los Angeles. His interest in acting took place in his late teens and soon figured that it was something he loved and enjoyed. He was always surrounded by art as a kid, on his free time he draws and sketches. He always thought acting was just a dream until he actually tried it for himself, and the second he did, he loved it. He is now a part of the LPN family and has seen what it’s like to grow as an actor and as a person, thanks to Lauren, the Studio, and friends. When he’s not acting he’s either working out, spending time with family, or just making weird faces while looking into the mirror.

Cctober 2019 - The MaD FRiGHTFuLLY FuNNY Show


MANAGER: Jon P. Daivss,

Jackson Entertainment jonathan@jacksonentertainment.net,

(936) 494-9855

MANAGER: Jon P. Daivss,

Jackson Entertainment jonathan@jacksonentertainment.net,

(936) 494-9855


November 2019 - The MaD GoBBLe & GiGGLe, QuiRKY TuRKeY Show


see bio below


January 2020 - The LauGHS A PLeNTY in 2020 Show