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"This show gets everything right about the world of improv! The lights went down and once they came back, we were on a wild and thrilling ride full of razor-sharp dialogue, insanely quick character changes, and enough laughs to fill 10 improv shows. The cast as a whole was brilliant. Do yourself a huge favor and go see this show!!!

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“The actors inhabited such strong and well-defined characters. Improv is hard, really hard. It requires thinking on your feet and keeping a lean towards comedy, all while fleshing out convincing and endearing characters that an audience can believe. It’s bloody tough. With this particular show, I would like to point out that the actors were seamless in their transitions, and that the fun and consistency they brought to the scenes made the whole ride engrossing.” - Tim Byer at Hollywood 360 Click for full article

"Each segment so funny it was impossible for us to pick our favorite. We surely were impressed by their craft and walked away still talking about their work the whole ride home." - Essence LA

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