Additional JaCKRaTS Troupes

JOHN WILLIAM CONNOLLY was born and raised in New Jersey. He was forced into dance lessons at age 5 and never gave it up, which opened up the door to performing, where he found his love for acting.  He is a graduate of AMDA. He also enjoys yoga, playing video games for hours on end, and reading anything he can about astrology. He is so honored to be working with Lauren and the amazingly talented actors with her. Feel free to strike up a conversation with him by emailing!

Theatrical; Gabrielle Terzian

Commercial: James Delio


Originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Matt has always had an interest in storytelling. He was an introverted child who spent most of his time either reading books or watching movies. His fascination with acting began in elementary school, but due to his traditional Middle Eastern upbringing, it was something he wasn’t allowed to pursue. It wasn’t until his 4th year of college that Matt sat his parents down and told them that he was pursing acting whether they liked it or not. They gave him their blessing and he hasn’t looked back since. While in Detroit, Matt took acting classes with a coach who studied directly from Lee Strasberg. After booking a decent amount of commercials and films, he packed his bags and moved to LA! Shortly after his move, Matt found LPN Studios which has allowed him to grow tremendously as an actor. He is beyond thankful to Lauren for all that she’s taught him and for the supportive community that she’s built. Matt also recently acted in and produced a short film in collaboration with other LPN Studios students; he is a huge believer in creating your own content and making your own opportunities! Matt is finally living out his dreams and wants to be an inspiration to those who feel like they can’t pursue their passions. Outside of acting, Matt’s other interests include: photography, writing, fitness and fashion.

Pureflare Talent - Theatrical Agent  530-304-1569

Dangerfield Talent - Commercial Agent  818-400-3348


Originally from Huntsville, AL. Miloh grew up in and around sports, participating in basketball and football all the way up to his high school years. However, Miloh took a drama class in school and his passion for acting began to take shape. Once graduating high school, acting took center stage and before his move to Los Angeles, Miloh took a detour to Phoenix, AZ. In Phoenix, began working on his craft and appeared on the tv show ‘Women in Prison’ while also working on many independent short films and features in the Arizona area. Once he moved to Los Angeles, he enrolled Lauren Patrice Nadler’s studio almost immediately. The coaching he has received had done wonders for him as an actor. When not focusing on his craft, Miloh likes to read, play sports, travel, and learn about anything that will continue help him grow as a human being.  

Theatrical and commercial representation -



Originally from Lynchburg VA, Matt was very active in sports growing up. He was first introduced to acting in 8th grade and has continued to grow as a performer. While continuing to perform in shows and musicals he graduated from Lynchburg College in 2017 with a BA in Communication and an emphasis in Electronic Media. Right after moving to Los Angeles Matt started class with Lauren Patrice Nadler after an  Alumni’s recommendation and has been with her ever since. Thanks to her coaching and wisdom he has become more of the actor he wants to be. None of this would be possible without the LPN family. In his spare time Matt loves to snowboard, travel, and watch Harry Potter movies.

AUSTIN BUGARIN was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Austin grew up playing basketball for most of his life. While competing on the court, Austin found his love for playing in front of an audience. He always had a passion for entertaining his friends and family and a yearning to become an actor. Post-high school, Austin decided to pursue a career in acting. He was able to fulfill his longing when he gravitated to his “new home" at LPN studios 3 years ago. Austin has worked on several short films, commercials, as well as appearing in Indie film Max and Me and Netflix's Medical Police. He is also a graduate of the University of Southern California. Aside from acting Austin spends his time surrounded by his friends and family and is always trying to stay on top of the next fashion trend.

THEATRICAL - Garry Purdy ( and Mike Baldridge ( at Momentum Talent Agency

COMMERCIAL - Rochelle Rossman ( at Momentum Talent Agency

Periodically LPN Studios has a surge of talent that are so great that they must be included in the LPNSImprov Show.

They form a camaraderie, and then a full blown troupe emerges.

Then they open for the MaD JaCKRaTS

.... some even become MaD JaCKRaTS

made their debute January 2020