join us for

The MaD SuNNY FuNNY Show

Opening with The BaBY JaCKRaTS

Sunday, June 24th


Theatre 68

5112 Lankershim Blvd.

North Hollywood CA 91601

Created and Directed by

Lauren Patrice Nadler

Produced by

Christina Orloff

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Meet The MaD JaCKRaTS

Going strong, running almost FOUR solid years!!

LPNSImprov with The MaD JaCKRaTS is an ongoing live monthly series.

From show to show, you will meet some outrageous characters, both new and recurring.

There are actually over 100 characters within this cast, cultivated at LPN Studios,

and your suggestions can throw them into literally any situation imaginable.

We guarantee an unique and entertaining experience!!!



Christina grew up in the beautiful Bay Area in Northern California. Her love of ballet took her East to New York City where she attended Tisch School of the Arts and graduated with a BFA in Dance. She started her dance career, but realized something was missing in her performance. She found herself onstage wanting to speak out, so she switched gears to acting. If she’s not in the acting zone, you can normally find her teaching Pilates or hanging out at home doing domestic things such as cooking, baking and gardening. She is honored to thank the amazing Lauren Patrice Nadler for continually pushing her to the next level in her acting and career.  www.christinaorloff.com


Original MaD JaCKRaTS member since July 2014 Micky, who has recurred on Mistresses, was born and raised in New York. Micky was always an "actor" growing up; entertaining his family with various character impersonations was the norm at dinners, parties, and just about everywhere else. His talents landed him roles in Off Broadway productions, including a heavy role where Micky performed for an audience of over 5,000 people at Radio City Music Hall. After moving to Los Angeles, he booked a lead role in the indie feature The Party is Over (w/ Kathy Baker) as well as roles in the upcoming Westworld (HBO/Jonathan Nolan) Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (Fred Wolf/Happy Madison Productions) Recurred on Mistresses,  As well as a Slew of Commercials and music videos. Micky loves being a part of the amazing, crazy MaD JaCKRaTS! Special thanks to Lauren and Tina for making this show a reality. Check out some of his character reels to see what he brings to the show:  Character Reel     

Micky Shiloah-IMDBPRO



Original MaD JaCKRaTS member July since 2014 Born and raised in Maui, HI, Kuali'i is a child of the ocean and can often be found at the beach surfing or just sitting and admiring its beauty. He came to acting in his late teens while attending Maui Community College.  All it took was one class and he was hooked!  After a few local projects, he set off for California to try his hand in Hollywood.  Over the next few years, he sought to hone his craft and gain experience, which he did in various projects both in film and on stage.  It wasn't until an agent sent him to LPN Studio that he saw what real acting was.  Through her tutelage, he has seen what he is capable of and the "Hollywood Dream" is no longer just a dream.  It is possible and it's all thanks to Lauren and her incredible studio."




Original MaD JaCKRaTS member since July 2014  Chadwick Armstrong is an actor/producer who hails from Stuart, Florida.  He played Justin Timberlake in "Not Another Celebrity Movie" and is about to be eaten by Zombies in "When the Fever  Breaks".  In addition to producing and acting, he self produces online movie reviews for Armstrong Entertainment garnering nearly two million views on YouTube. He's a James Dean enthusiast and believes he might have been born 50 years too late but he's perfectly fine living in this century.  Studying with Lauren for over two years has been extremely rewarding and he's excited for people to see her version of Improv.  He also has a cat named Monty.  

Michelle@lbtalent.com IMBD     YoutubeTrooper335  ChadwickArmstrong3@gmail.com

Lauren Patrice Nadler, has been written up in SSN for being one of Five Directors to watch (Click Here for full article). She was born in Queens, New York and at an early age proved to be a rebel, struggling with structure and formal education. It was her eclectic tastes, individuality, and refusal to conform that led to her unorthodox, effective and exciting teaching methods.

Lauren permanently relocated to Los Angeles in 2001 to act, teach and direct after casting Adrien Brody, in his first lead role in the indie film, "Ten Benny". Since then, some directing projects include "El Mariachi Negro". (Cultures Collide Film festival), "Dead Girl"  (Best Director & Best Short Film, Filmjack Film Festival), "One Last Shot", which serves as a PSA for anti-bullying/teen suicide prevention and traveled the festival circuit for a year. To add humor in her roster Lauren directed & produced comic web-series,"It's You Not Me", a fact-based series, about on-line dating. This project showcases a very extensive list of her master class, rising star, alumni students. The entire series can be seen on Its You Not Me - The Series (Binge watch it ;-) Psychological thriller “Dead Diaries INITIATION with Alex Neustaedter & Kyle Allen to be released soon.


Original MaD JaCKRaTS member since July 2014 Jeremy has a bigger than life personality with a genuine heart.  Having a mother as a pastor keeps him spiritually and mentally grounded in his career. He was raised in the deep south of Alabama, and his background as the choir director at his local church, combined with experience as a big and tall model, created the foundation for his love of acting. After shooting several commercials and short films in his hometown, he relocated to Hollywood to further his career in acting, modeling, and singing.  This journey led him to what he calls an amazing gem, LPN Studios, which has helped to cultivate his gifts and talents.

Series Regular on MADTV in CW reboot,

early selection for 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase Imdb




Lauren continues independently teaching & coaching actors with unyielding passion and has been instrumental in the rising careers of newcomers Alex Neustaedter (“Ithaca”, “Colony”) Kyle Allen (“The Path”), as well as Aramis Knight (“Into the Badlands”), Brit Morgan ("True Blood"), Shay Mitchell ("Pretty Little Liars") Jacob Artist ("Glee"), Parker Young ("Imposters"), Tim Jo ("The Neighbors"), Khylin Rhambo ("Teen Wolf"), Joseph Julian Soria ("Army Wives"), Jeremy Luke ("This is Us"),  and many, many others.

With the help of the fabulous Christina Orloff, producer this series is an homage to all of Lauren’s precious students. It showcases them in their glory, doing what they do each week in the improv hour of class. She wants the world to know her army is ready for anything, and there are more troops where these guys came from!!!

LPNSImprov since 2014

You might be sad if you miss the last show, as they are never the same.

But don't worry, we are up every month

with a fresh performance for you.

For more info on Lauren’s productions go to www.Laurenpatricenadler.com     For class and coaching info www.Laurenpatricenadlerstudios.com 


Original MaD JaCKRaTS member since July 2014 Sharply detouring from her path towards Law School, Susana yielded to her dream of singing and acting.  She collaborated with various producers in New York City, performed in a cover band, and worked in her first short film, when Los Angeles beckoned.  In addition to honing her versatility as a performer she also enjoys yoga, martial arts, and shooting a mean game of pool.

Susana thrives to fill each day with gratitude, creativity, and appreciation for who she is and how her contribution can add spice to the world.  She’s very thankful to Lauren for her guidance and support, and for providing an opportunity to perform every month with The Mad JackRats.



Joined The MaD JaCKRaTS as a permanent member April 2016 Marquise C. Brown was born and raised in sunny Southern California. Her love for acting and entertaining began from a very young age, but it wasn't until a playful and eccentric dress-up ploy that finally convinced her mom that she was determined to entertain outside of school plays and community park theater. Therein getting her first break into commercials and episodics at the age of five. In addition to acting, she also enjoys writing and modeling for her personal style / fashion blog, Honey In My Heels. In order to maintain her overall happy giggling being, Marquise devotes herself to fitness, personal health and enjoys receiving puppy kisses from her 4 pound Yorkie named Thread.


Joined MaD JaCKRaTS as a permanent member in January  2015 Kyle H. Allen is like an overly excitable walrus in a big river.  For the most part he just goes with the flow, but if he sees something awesome he's bound to stick with it for a while. He has trained intensively for years in acrobatics and ballet and has traveled all over the world training and performing. Most of his important life decisions are made by playing Rock Paper Scissors with himself.  Resulting in a non decision and ultimately making him choose whatever seems most prominent at the time. Due to one of these decisions he moved to LA to continue training and found himself doing commercials and street performing at Venice beach. He was eventually introduced to Lauren and kapoooof Kyle found himself as the lead in the feature film "ONE NIGHT" just a few months later.  In short this hyper active river walrus found something awesome to stick to. Watch for him as series regular HAWK now going into 2nd season on new Hulu series, THE PATH with Aaron Paul

Beau Swayze: Management 360

Agency UTA     IG @snarfmylife







Joined The MaD JaCKRaTS as a permanent member August 2016

Jenny grew up in Southern California. Los Angeles to be specific. Malibu to be exact. She was a performer from the day she was born - so now performing for other people is just a bonus. She is classically trained with a BFA in Acting from the California Institute of the Arts (which also trained her to be weird as all hell). When she’s not acting, Jenny can be found riding horses, eating avocados, or fighting crime as a masked vigilante (don’t tell anyone). If you want to see more of her acting-y things, check out www.jennycurtis.com. Jenny loves Lauren and is thrilled to be a The Mad Jackrats!


- Creator/Director/Producer


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