The MaD JaCKRaTS are blessed with having the

support of an amazing crew.

These individuals are also a part of the LPN Studios family

and are also talented and gifted performers.

Get to know them too.

Meet The MaD CReaTiVe CReW



Mariel de la Mora is originally from Mexico and has been happily residing in Los Angeles since college. She has had the opportunity to be in a few plays as part of her Theatre 68 Company, as well as some independent film projects. Her latest short film, "Styx Inn," was showcased at the 2016 Cannes Short Film Corner. She will soon be seen on Investigation Discovery's "Betrayed," as well as Lifetime's "Battle of the Sexes." She feels fortunate to be regularly exposed to Lauren's MadDJaCKRaTS, whom she credits as being a constant source of inspiration and comedic relief. 

Sarah Yapelli- Black Apple Talent

John Schultz- Bedford Forrest Management

*Mariel is an original crew member having started with us from the very first show



Greg is an apple in a basket of oranges. What does that mean? I'm not so sure he even knows. What Greg has collected over his infinite years on Earth, is his understanding of how little he truly knows. This has given him the hunger to learn more and continue to eat healthy breakfasts. That is how he starts his day, breakfast followed by an undying need to learn more about the entertainment industry and grow from it with infinite possibilities and only one outcome for him. Success. Oh and he's from Washington, D.C., 21 years young, an actor and simply likes apples.



Now also a recurring guest in the show

Fidelia Grace moved from Buffalo NY to Los Angeles CA, where she is now pursing her acting, dancing, and singing career. Fidelia is known for her performance in the feature film "Dreams I Never Had" starring Malcolm McDowell and Robin Givens, where she plays the lead role of Layla who is held captive in the home a wealthy family.  Fidelia also worked on the short film "Divination" directed by Olga Oparina, playing the role of innocent Elsa, who's attempt to look into her future turns out to be her worst nightmare. The short film has recently been accepted into the Scare-O-Con Film Festival held in New York City which will be featured the end of October 2016. Fidelia is always working on her craft and building a solid foundation at Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios where she studies improv and scene study. Through her social media accounts on Youtube (@ Fidelia Grace) and Instagram (@fideliagracer) she helps encourage individuals to live a healthy lifestyle and is becoming an advocate for the vegan community. Fidelia strives to inspire others -whether in the industry or not- to have courage to stand up for their beliefs, desires, and aspirations.

To see what other projects Fidelia is working on please visit her IMDB page at



Now also a recurring guest in the show

Originally from Knoxville, TN, Rachel grew up in the theater, appearing in plays such as The King and I, Aladdin, Sweeney Todd, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. After moving to Los Angeles, she got involved in film and television. She recently completed the short film "Wonders of Love", as well as appearing in an episode of Lifetime's My Crazy Ex and Curacao commercial. Rachel Thundat has been training with Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios since 2015. In her free time Rachel enjoys traveling, hiking, reading and hanging out with friends from LPN Studios Rachel graduated from the University of Southern California in 2016 with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in natural sciences.

Management: Katrina Herlong,

Commercial: Clear Talent Group



Jamie is originally from New York and Connecticut, but don't let the east coast upbringing intimidate you. She feels just as at home on the beach in Santa Monica as she does arguing with a taxi driver in New York. Jamie caught the acting bug early - at age 6 she began telling anyone in earshot that she would one day be DJ on "Full House". The Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut and The Greater Hartford Academy for the Arts in Hartford, Connecticut provided challenging environments for the young actress to grow her talent, and then years later, Jamie earned her BA in Theatre Performance at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Most recently she has continued her studies with Lauren and now that Jamie calls LA her home, she promises to finally learn how to parallel park.



Steve graduated from Columbia College Hollywood and has been working as a cinematographer and camera operator on features, commercials, and music videos, working with actors like Mark Hamill, Danny Trejo, and Meagan Good as well as companies like Hilton, Target, and International Delight. View his website at 

He has also begun pursuing an acting career by taking class and coaching with Lauren Patrice Nadler.  He has recently booked parts in several short films and web series thanks to Lauren's help.



Emily is a true southern girl from Atlanta who moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.  Her desire to become an actor started at a very young age. Once she started making home movies with her friends at the age of seven, she knew what she wanted to do with her life. She fell into modeling along the way and spent three years in New York as a full time model before she gave all her time and energy to her true passion of acting. She has done many small, independent projects and was humbled to win Best Actor at the Women’s Film Festival of Los Angeles in 2014.  She is extremely thankful to Lauren Patrice Nadler, not only for providing her a home to practice and perfect her craft, but also for having given her a family here in Los Angeles.