October 2018

#48 The MaD CaNDY CoRNY Show

      Segment #1 Tim Burton's Dungeon

      Segment #2 Caught Him Sniffing My Panties

      Segment #3 Double Audience Suggestion

    A) First Date on Halloween

    B) Banana ;-)

November 2018

#49 The MaD FeaST on the FuNNY Show

      Segment #1 Calvin Goes to Vet School

      Segment #2 Orange You Glad to See Me

      Segment #3 Double Audience Suggestion

                 A) Vegan Thanksgiving

                 B) Rise and Fall to Fame


                                       January 2019

#50 The MaD FaBuLouS 50th  Show

      Segment #1 THANK YOU, NEXT

      Segment #2 Bad Therapist

      Segment #3 Double Audience suggestion

    A) Bird Box, but Instead of Suicide it's Fortenite Dancing

    B) Lettuce and Tomato

                                           February 2019

  #51 The MaD MoRe the MeRRier Show  

   MiNi-BaBY JaCKRaTS -  SEXY          

  Segment #1  Living in a Simulation

  Segment #2 Working in the Factory

  Segment #3 Double Audience Suggestion:

    A) New Year's Baby, Easter Bunny, Cupid, Santa and the ToothFairy Stuck in an Elevator

    B) Peanut Butter is Illegal


                                                                   March 2019

#52 The MaD SHaKe YouR SHaMRoCK Show

      Segment #1 I Lost My Four Leaf Clove

      Segment #2 Portal-ing Through Time

      Segment #3 Double Suggestion

      A) Anytime You Like or Become Attracted to Someone You Immediatley Become an Irish Leprechaun

      B) Britney Spears 2007 Meltdown

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   April 2019

  #53 MaD The FuNNY BuNNY Show


   Segment #1 Today is the Day You Have Waited for all Your Life

   Segment #2 Rich People Problems

   Segment #3  Double Suggestion

   A) Dirty Old Man B) Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy

May 2019

#54 The MaD MaY CaBaReT Show

     Segment #1 Masked Birthday Party for Pets

     Segment #2 Waking Up With Your Best Friends Girlfriend and Her Sister

     Segment #3 Double Suggestion

     A) Priest in a Confessional B) Bad school Teachers