What is the LPNSImprov Show all about??

It is a unique comedy experience that incorporates  the "Makin’ a Movie" LPN Studios Improvisation Format

and a brief prepared opening act.

What is the Makin’ a Movie format??

It is a spontaneous full blown performance with wardrobe and props from an actual treasure chest,

yet it's 100% on the fly.

The cast are literally writing, directing, costume designing, set designing, editing.......

oh AND acting 3 live short movies per show!

* LPNSImprov members create ambiance and environment

* Players present fleshed out, truthful performances

*High comedy with seriously grounded characters

*The performers are “writing” a script, live right before your eyes

*It is so smart it will seem scripted …. but IT'S NOT!!!

*Without blatant exposition, we take you into our movie

There are at least 100 characters at the fingertips of this cast

You will meet at least 30 in every show!

Some of these characters could carry a lead in a movie franchise.

Some have in fact made it to network television.

This show offers an opportunity for you to travel anywhere in the world

(or even out of this world), with this kooky, skilled and gifted cast

...you decide where!

The History of the Makin’ a Movie Method:

LPNSImprov has been developed and cultivated over the years into what you will be seeing in this new live series.  It started as an opening exercise in Lauren Patrice Nadler’s scene study class, born out of a desire to incorporate all the necessary tools an actor needs in order to go out into the world of acting with fleshed out, fully embodied, head to toe, walking and talking, multitasking performances, in any genre.

It can only be explained by witnessing it.

Truly a method, when brought to its highest level can expand any actor seeking growth, in ways that are limitless.  Rooted in truth, actors are encouraged to commit and push the envelope making the unbelievable believable, and have a whole a lot of fun doing it.

On the streets, out in the real world, they might get arrested for some bad behavior.... here we reward it!!!

LPN Studios is where you find diverse talent at its best. The Makin’ a Movie format is taught solely at LPN Studios by Lauren Patrice Nadler,

Catering to the dynamic, creative and daring actor, who aspires to be great! LPN’s methods are aggressive and thought provoking.

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April 2018 - The MaD LoVE FoR THe EaRTH Show

Special Returning Musical Guest


See bio below

March 2018 - The SHaKe YouR SHaMRoCK Show


See bio below

February 2018 - The MaD RaTSKY Awards Show

BaBY JaCKRaTS return


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Ricardo was most recently seen as a lead actor in the film, LowLife as Monstruo which will be in U.S. theaters April 6, 2018. Ricardo is also currently on NetFlix Tv series On My Block, and will be airing on FX networks come this 2018 as well! Ricardo does not stop his work once cut is yelled however. He is a celebrity trainer/fitness model and actor by day and a writer and creator by night.

Lauren Patrice Nadler Acting Studio has given Ricardo the space and structure to grow and develop into the actor he is today. Ricardo aspires, works hard and is committed to achieve perfection. Ricardo Adam Zarate is a determined and talented Latino that hopes to inspire and motivate others to follow his example and lead.

Alvarado Rey Agency 323-656-2277 Cinthiabecks@gmail.com


Next Show Guests: June 2018 the BaBY JaCKRaTS Return

May 2018 - The MaD MaY CaBaReT Show


July 2018 - The MaD FouR YeaR aNNiVeRSaRY Show